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Electric EG1 Goggles

Electric EG1 Goggles

Code: Electric-EG1-Goggles

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All Electric EG1 Goggles come with a FREE BONUS LENS!!!

FREE BANDANA INCLUDED with Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore and Tanner Rainville styles

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FREE Premium Sunglass Case - Soft Microfiber
FREE Microfiber Miracle Watch Lens Cleaning Cloth
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Electric EG1 Goggles

EG1 has been a standard since it’s debut. With several tune ups through the years it is still used by the top pros. Designed by Kip Arnette with input from Peter Line, EG1 has found it’s own with its simplistic yet functional design.

- Ergonomic Frame Design
- Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
- 100% UV Protection
- Dual Cylindrical Polycarbonate Lens
- Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
- Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
- 40mm Strap with Adjuster
- Articulating Strap For Helmet Compatibility
- Microfiber Goggle Bag Included
- Available With Polarized Lenses

Models: Electric EG1 207-10022, 207-10035, 207-10122, 207-10135, 207-10235, 207-10335, 207-10735, 207-10835, 207-10935, 207-11035, 207-11135, 207-10441, 207-10535, 207-10635, 207-11422, 207-11432, 207-11522, 207-11532, 207-11639, 207-11732, 207-11832, 207-11938, 207-12032, 207-12132, 207-12239, EG0109011-BRO, EG0109011-BSRC, EG0109012-BRO, EG0109012-BSRC, EG0109001-BSRC, EG0109002-BSRC, EG0109003-BSRC, EG0109004-BGDC, EG0109005-BSRC, EG0109006-BGNC, EG0109007-BSRC, EG0109008-BGDC, EG0109009-BRDC, EG0109010-BSRC, EG0110001-BRO, EG0110001-BSRC, EG0110001-GPLR, EG0110002-BRO, EG0110002-BSRC, EG0110003-BSRC, EG0110006-BSRC, EG0110007-BSRC, EG0110008-BSRC, EG0110009-BSRC, EG01100010-BGDC, EG0110011-BSRC, EG0110013-BSRC, EG0110014-BSRC, EG0110015-BGDC, EG0110001-ORG, EG0110001-BRDC, EG0110001-BLSC, EG0110002-ORG, EG0110002-BRDC, EG0111003-BSRC, EG0111003-BRDC, EG0111004-BSRC, EG0111005-BRDC, EG0111006-BBLC, EG0111007-BGDC, EG0111009-BGDC, EG0111010-BRDC, EG0111011-BBLC, EG0111012-BRDC, EG0111013-BBLC, EG0111014-BRDC, EG0111015-BGDC, EG0111016-BRDC, EG0111017-BSRC, EG0111018-BGDC, EG0111019-BBLC, EG0111020-BSRC, EG0111021-BRDC, EG0111022-BRDC

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Electric EG1 Goggles